Friday, July 19, 2013

We Will Be Back Soon... But For the Time Being Check out our Sister Page!! Is proudly sponsored by Niche Jet

What is NicheJet?
If you want to profit from Niche Marketing, but you don't like spending the time doing Keyword Research, installing WordPress, optimizing for SEO, Writing Content, Building Backlinks etc. etc. then NicheJet is the solution for you!

We start the site creation process by running millions of keywords through a strict algorithm, which considers many different factors including the strength of competition and the estimated monthly search volume. We then give you the option to choose from that list of profitable keywords (once a keyword is chosen, it's gone--but you can provide your own keywords if you like). We then find a good domain, register it and install WordPress on the site.

After that's done, our expert writers create a 100% unique, hand-written article targeting your keyword. We insert the chosen keyword as the Blog Title, targeting the homepage to that keyword. Then we optimize the site and feed it content from ArticleBuilder, which produces high quality, relevant content that is guaranteed to be at least 75% unique.

Lastly, we conduct a link-building campaign, shooting links to the site that have proven to get our sites ranked in the Search Engines. Once that's done, we send you the WordPress and cPanel login details! From then on it's all yours to make any changes you see fit -- or just sit back and collect the profits!

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